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Wow! Our TENTH ANNIVERSARY KoSA International Percussion Workshop was thrilling!  We'd like to to thank all of our participating faculty and our generous sponsors for another year of intense learning and take-your-breath-away live performances.  Both Jolan and myself were so pleased to see the continued KoSA themes of music, sharing, humility and kindness practiced throughout the entire week.  We were equally pleased to see so many long time KoSA participants.  Not only did our participants benefit from the near-utopian communal aspects of the week, but our faculty members were also completely caught up in the sharing of their tips, experiences and performance tricks with each other.  And, as far as our KoSA Festival is concerned, from the opening performances on Monday evening, through Tuesday's powerhouse, Wednesday's AfroCuban/Latin theme, Thursday's astounding performance, the always surprising and wonderful Participants Concert on Friday, and the diverse and electrifying Grand Finale Concert, the week was a complete high for all involved - including the over 2000 members of the surrounding communities.

Thanks to KoSA's Louis Cailloux, we now have sorted, approved and posted a huge collection of images from KoSA:10...

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Our thanks to our entire KoSA staff (and extended staff), our talented and hardworking front office staff, our constantly on-the-move drum techs and our audio-visual support team for this near-seamless anniversary year.  For those new to the KoSA experience, a bit of history...

Over ten years ago we began the planning of KoSA.  We felt there was a need to bring the attention of music and all its positive power to as many as we could.  We created—from scratch—the faculty, the identification of facilities, the course structure and events.  We wanted to do more than just connect participants with the greatest professionals, professors and performers — we wanted to bring to the table an expanded philosophy.  Essentially, we know that music is the ONLY universal language.  It transcends all social, economic, cultural and political boundaries.  Within every KoSA project, this is our core philosophy: that with the sharing of music, the world works better.  Much better.  It is ultimately what sets KoSA apart from any other type of education "camp" experience, and what makes all KoSA experiences, from our annual workshops to our Academy in Montreal so very special.

Next on the near-horizon is our annual visit and KoSA Workshop on the island nation of Cuba. KoSA:CUBA will be held in Oct 23-30 at the historic Riviera Hotel in Havana. Please visit our KoSA CUBA web page and let us know if you are interested in attending this year's spectacular event. KoSA:Cuba will immerse you into the deep waters of the rich Cuban musical culture that is still boiling hot — even after decades of relative isolation.  Hear and participate with Cuban master percussionists from several generations!

As always, we look forward hearing from you, having you attend KoSA Cuba and to participate at the KoSA Academy — here in Montréal.  We invite you to bookmark the kosamusic.com website, as regular announcements will occur throughout the year of more exciting KoSA events.  We are already at work on KoSA 11 for 2006.

Thank you for your interest, and your time.

Ciao - and peace...

Aldo Mazza,
KoSA Artistic Director & Founder

Dr. Jolan Kovacs-Mazza,
KoSA Projects Coordinator & Co-Founder

The 2005 KoSA International Percussion Workshop was generously sponsored by: Sabian, Pro Mark, Pearl, Ludwig-Musser, Evans, LP, Sonor, Remo, Tama, Zildjian, DW, KAT, Yamaha, Mountain Rythym, Regal Tip, Sibelius, Berklee, Audix,  Taye, Warner Bros. Publishing, Mike Balter, Paiste, Cooperman, Modern Drummer, Shure, HQ, D’Addario Foundation, and the Drummers Collective.

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kosa 2004 highlights  
KOSA 10: faculty | program | experience | festival | sponsors


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