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Upcoming KoSA Events...

March 5-12, 2017

As the saying goes: there are those who have LIVED KoSA CUBA and those who haven't and have only heard about the famed annual event. DON'T MISS OUT! Join us for another year of deep immersion into the music, rhythms, dance and culture of Cuba, from an "insiders" perspective!

2...KoSA NYC
Lehman College
Saturday, Nov 19 - FULL DAY

The KoSA NYC experience allows participants to "get into it" with New York Metro artists and performers. A must attend for the serious musician, drummer and percussionist.

3...KoSA CHINA (dates TBA)



"The KoSA drum camp has been one of the BEST experiences of teaching drummers of ALL ages, in my career.  I would do the KoSA Camp every year if possible—as a matter of fact I would do this camp 365 days of the year!  I've taught at many drum clinics and master classes all over the world: I must say KoSA was the most FUN I have had, both teaching and performing.  There were no egos, everyone was eager to learn from each other... and the faculty... well, we all came together as one big family of drummers.  KOSA SHOULD HAVE A [USA] SCHOOL OF IT'S OWN AND IF THAT EVER HAPPENS—I hope they might hire me as a full time faculty member :-)!  Thank you KoSA & Aldo Mazza!"

- John Blackwell (johnblackwellproject.com)

"Hey, Aldo...I had the best time [at KoSA ] ! Everyone was amazing, welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like family from the get go. I knew it was going to be an amazing week but didn't know it would surpass my expectations, 10 fold. The only regret is that it didn't last longer! The people I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with (faculty & participants), the performances, the lectures, the talks, the musical collaborations and the late night hangs were all magical and inspirational. What you do is just amazing!"

- Tracy Thornton, (www.panrocks.com)

Dear Jolan and Aldo,

The influence and energy you bring to our [Castleton] village and "University" (officially rebranded this week), is in my estimation, phenomenal!
You are amazing.

Many Thanks !

- Marna Jane Grove

My experience with KoSA CUBA was definitely one of the high points of my 45 year career in percussion. The all-inclusive nature of the flights, the accommodations, the food, the clinics, concerts and transportation made for a very comfortable and enjoyable week. The level of musicianship was supreme and consistent across the board for all of our clinics and concerts. The All Star Cast of preeminent Cuban Drummers and Percussionists was friendly and virtuosic.

They were happy to share their knowledge and were patient and understanding. We got to share the expertise of at least 3 generations of consummate musicians! Panga, El Peje, Yaroldy, Jean Roberto, Ramses, Oliver, Amadito and many more —basically blew our minds. I heard some of the tightest bands ever! The camaraderie of our tour group was excellent and sustained throughout the week.

One should expect the unexpected as changes to the schedule offer some golden opportunities. KoSA CUBA has had an immediate and positive effect on my playing and teaching.

My advice to anyone thinking of joining KOSA Cuba is: GO!!

By taking the leap you will open and broaden your musical horizons. To put it simply, I loved it and recommend participation to anyone with an interest in percussion. KoSA CUBA was incredible and I hope to be able to return as soon as I can. Viva KoSA!!!

Jeff Salisbury,
    University of Vermont


KoSA World




Download the official 20th annual KoSA Magazine (click here)

Here are the artists who have transformed the lives
of participants at KoSA for over twenty years...

Memo Acevedo • Alex Acuna • Charlie Adams • Rafael Alcala • Robby Ameen • John Amira
Carmine Appice • Vinny Appice • Horacee Arnold • Kenny Aronoff • Anders Astrand • Bill Bachman
Jim Bailey • M’Bemba Bangoura • Cyro Baptista • Francecsco Beccaro • John Beck • Alessandra Belloni
Sergio Bellotti • Frank Bellucci • Pierre Béluse • Joe Bergamini • Ignacio Berroa • Gregg Bissonette
Jason Bittner • John Blackwell • Luc Boivin • Terry Bozzio • Robert Bridge • Sandip Burman
Will Calhoun • Candido Camero • James Campbell • Clayton Cameron • Anne-Julie Caron
Dennis Chambers • Ndugu Chancler • Changuito • Jim Chapin • Dibyarka Chatterjee
Samir Chatterjee • Homero Chavez • Mike Clark • Jimmy Cobb • Chris Coleman • Damian Corniola
Dominick Cuccia • Massimo Cusato • Kenwood Dennard • Erico Daimo • Paul DeLong
Liberty DeVitto • Marc Dicciani • Michel Donato • Cassio Duarte • André Dupuis • Frank Epstein
Dom Famularo • Vera Figueiredo • Richie Flores • Hannah Ford • Gary France • Pierre Francois
David Friedman • George Gaber • Richie “Gajate” Garcia • David Garibaldi • Neil Garthly
Daniel Glass • Gordon Gottlieb • D’Arcy Philip Gray • Jamey Haddad • The Hellcats
Horacio Hernandez • Giovanni Hidalgo • Rich Holly • Aiyung Huang • Beverley Johnston
Kalani • Mark Kelso • Morris Arnie Lang • Corky Laing • Russ Lawton • Marco Lienhard • Arthur Lipner
Bill Ludwig II • Mike Mainieri • Mike Mangini • Larry Marchese • Michael Markus • Jojo Mayer
Aldo Mazza • Kevan Mckenzie • Bill Meligari • Jerry Mercer • Russ Miller • Marco Minnemann
Allan Molnar • Mario Monaco • Joe Morello • Flo Mounier • Jonathan Mover • Valerie Naranjo
Oumar N’Diaye • Salvador Niebla • Adam Nussbaum • Kiko Osorio • Irio O’Farrill • Delphine Pan Deoue
Neil Peart • Karen Ervin Pershing • Jim Petercsak • Paul Picard • Giraldo Piloto • Arthur Press
Dafnis Prieto • Bernard Purdie • Bob Quaranta • Jeff Queen • Johnny Rabb • Joshua Rager
Ron Reid • Répercussion • Walfredo Reyes Jr. • Walfredo Reyes Sr. • Emil Richards • John Riley
Evan Ritchie • Lou Robinson • William Armando Rodriguez • Jim Royle • Jeff Salisbury
Dave Samuels • Bobby Sanabria • Antonio Sanchez • Trichy Sankaran • Marcus Santos
Ed Shaughnessy • Marie-Josée Simard • Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman • Tyler Stewart
Steve Smith • Julie Spencer • Michael Spiro • Oscar Stagnaro • Leigh Howard Stevens
Gordon Stout • Rajna Swaminathan • Scott Swimmer • Naoko Takada • Michael Taylor
Ron Thaler • Chester Thompson • Tracy Thornton • Efrain Toro • Ed Uribe • Rick Van Horn
Glen Velez • Tony Verderosa • Michael Wimberly • Graham Webb • She-e Wu
Yuko Yoshikawa • Nancy Zeltsman • Zoro


What is a KoSA event like?

Some comments from KoSA International Percussion Workshops, Drum Camp and Festivals...


Cuba Videos courtesy David Pye. Archival KoSA photos provided by Kip Ross, Lincoln Gagnon, Candido, PB Wilder, Aldo & Jolan Mazza and more...